Headliner Poster for Swingamajig has landed

Our main headliner at Swingamajig 2020 is the incredible, award-winning DJ and Producer DJ Yoda!

Playing an exclusive swing/jazz/breaks mash-up set!We have been trying to book DJ Yoda for the past 4 years!

Unfortunately, he has always been a bit out of our price range, but a couple of years ago, I noticed that The Electric Swing Circus were playing at the same festival and so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and tell him all about Swingamajig.
We got talking and he was telling me about a big band mash-up set he has wanted to do for a while, and that he might be able to do us deal for the opportunity to showcase it
This is the year we finally get to see it at Swingamajig!

Added to the line up announcement train today is our afterparty headliner – Sam and the womp. They had a #1 hit with ‘Bom Bom’ in the UK charts in 2012 and they were so much fun when we had them last in 2016, we thought it is high time we get them back!

The headliner poster is coming out in about an hour and we would really appreciate your support in sharing it then

The artwork is by Max (Madmax Graphix) and graphic design by Rich (AKA C@ In The H@).
We are currently getting posters and flyers made, so if you want to get your hands on some and can help us put some up, please let me know and I’ll get them in the post once they are ready.

Find out more on the Swingamajig website.